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Hellopixel is a game development company. We develop casual, truly social games that can be played across many platforms.


Our Games and Products

Know Your Friends

Know Your Friends is a social game that aims to evaluate how much friends know about each other. Find your best friends with a fun list of challenges!

With over 130 million players, Know Your Friends was a tremendous success in all age groups and nationalities.

Guess The Word

Guess The Words and unlock new levels! With over 700 levels, this game is sure to provide you with many hours of fun.

Foot Juggle

Who can get the most juggles? Tap the ball to keep it in the air as long as possible. Challenge your friends for more fun!

Deal Your Friends

Have you always dreamt of being rich? Buy your friends to generate money by keeping them for a long as possible, but take care that no one steals them from you!

TBH Quiz

On TBH Quiz, you can take more than 400 quizzes to test your general knowledge!



Toplitic is the community that ranks everything collaboratively. From worst TV shows to best first names, you'll be able to give your opinion about basically everything!


About Hellopixel

We are a smallish creative team with a lot of experience in social application and game development.

We believe that social games play an important role in keeping contact with friends and family, especially during these trying times.

Hellopixel was born with the sole mission of creating games able to connect people in the most fun and creative ways possible.

We strive to always do our best to make people happy through our games and our ideas.


Cool Facts about Hellopixel

Our team has been working together since 2016, with previous experience since 2008. We are proud to announce that 3 of our games were able to reach more than 100 million players!







Meet Our Creative Team Members

Philippe Schommers


Jérémy Benhaïm


Carole-Anne Mirailles

Founder of TBH Quiz